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How to find good food for a big family when traveling in Thailand
Our son purchasing a 65 cent lunch at
a Floating Market in Thailand
I think my kids were what you would call "picky eaters" before we took our big family to Asia.  But on that trip...

Traveling with a big family all over Costa Rica
That one fan on the first floor 
got a lot of use
We had one particular recurring problem, not just at one rental home, but almost everywhere we went in Costa Rica.  The various homes we rented had advertised the presence of air-conditioning, but...

Getting through Immigration at Bangkok International Airport with a Big Family

"Honey.  Psst.  Hey, Honey!  I need your passports so I can fill out these forms."  I heard that said on a recent flight, very late at night, and I thought to myself, Hmm, now there's an article right there. So, take a moment to read this post if, like me, you never want to find yourself in that situation, scrambling for passports so you can fill out a tiny customs and immigration form at some inconvenient time of night or in the wee hours right before your plane lands...

Tips for Hot Springs Activities in Costa Rica with Kids
Our Son on the Waterslide at 
Las Termalitas de Arenal, La Fortuna, Costa Rica
The best thing about the many pools at this hot springs resort is that each one was surrounded by...

Lookin' for Grub in All the Wrong Places
Panama City, Panama
On our way back to the U.S. from Costa Rica, we had a second stop in Panama, this time...