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Traveling by train in Europe with a big family to multiple countries
Our Big Family Took the Train 
Everywhere We Went in Switzerland
Trains in Switzerland are fast and easy, and can be a great value. Figuring out how to use them in an affordable and frugal manner is not very easy, however. Luckily, we've done the research work for you. How would you like to get FREE TICKETS for your kids?  (Well, actually you buy a certain travel card for a few Swiss Francs, and then the tickets are free for one year, but it's still an awesome deal.) And how about also getting a 50% discount for the adults in your group? And did you know you can do all this without purchasing a rail pass?  If that sounds like a good deal, read on...

Tips on going to Hong Kong Disney
Hong Kong Disneyland Resort in Summer
(Dig that full-face visor / robot look - they're everywhere at Disney!)
We saw a lot of confusing and contradictory reviews about Hong Kong's Disney park, and we decided to give it a chance.  We were very pleasantly surprised. Here are 10 Reasons You Should Go to Hong Kong Disneyland...

Big family trying to see too many sights every day
A Day Spent on the Move.  Our Big Family in Barcelona's El Prat Airport.
One lesson we learned the hard way is:  if traveling with young children, stick to the One Thing Per Day Rule.  In this post, we'll explain why...
How many days should you plan to stay in each destination with your family?
Our youngest kids touring Thai temple-ruins at night by tuk-tuk
One thing that significantly affects your big family's trip enjoyment is how long you plan to stay in each location. Here are our 7 tips for how to decide...

What is The Perfect Arrival Time?
5 Ways to Find the Golden Hour

Kids from a large family, very happy to arrive in Athens
In Athens:  Our Kid Was So Happy to Be off the Plane that She Ran
the Wrong Way on the Moving Sidewalk, on Purpose!
Figuring out what time of day to arrive in a new place can be a major factor in the success of your big family trip. But after a lot of trial and error, we have discovered the one perfect time to arrive to a new city...
I'd love to buy some detergent here, if only the store was open
Ah! This Place Probably Sells Detergent!  Oh, but It Closed 10 Minutes Ago...

Laundry is a never-ending challenge while traveling with a big family. And finding detergent in another country isn't always as simple as it would seem.  Here are our tips for locating the key ingredient to clean clothes for your big family while traveling...

Traveling with kids - how to keep them in clean clothes
This Bangkok balcony was faster at drying clothes than the provided "dryer"

Doing laundry on your trip might not be the most enjoyable thing you'll do, but, it's hard to travel without doing laundry at some point.  If you have a big family, "at some point" means, well, at least once a day! This post will share our 7 tips for keeping everyone in clean clothes while traveling...