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Big family trip to Mt. Titlis Glacier Park, Engelberg, Switzerland
Visiting the Snow Play Area at Mt. Titlis Glacier Park, Switzerland
Engelberg is an awesome place in Switzerland to visit with a big family. There are a lot of great activities for kids and adults to enjoy together. Here's our idea of a great itinerary for 3 nights in Engelberg...

Top things for a big family to do in Milan, Italy
Visiting Milan, Italy for a Night with a Big Family
Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Milan
So, you're passing through Milan with the family for a night and by now you've figured out maybe there isn't exactly a TON of stuff to do there. No worries, we've got enough family activities to fill the time very enjoyably. Here's our suggestion for how your family can spend its limited time in Milan...

Robots preparing food in Thailand
Robots in Thailand?
This flower-wielding Samurai robot greets diners

 at a Japanese chef robot restaurant in Thailand
Today I just want to share a quick note with you to say:  Wow, thanks!  We’ve reached a minor milestone at our site. We just launched not quite two months ago, and have reached 1,000 page views, with readers in over 30 countries!  Here's where our visitors are from...

Travel clothes may be as near as your own closet
Our old school clothes made great 
trip pants for camping in Tennessee!

For a big family that wants to travel and remain frugal, how do you pack for a trip without busting your budget? Over our years of traveling around the U.S. and around the world with four children, we've developed several money-saving strategies for trip clothes.  Here are some of our favorites:

Taking the whole family hiking on vacation in Europe
Taking the Kids Hiking in Switzerland
Hiking in Switzerland is a great activity for big families. It's gorgeous, fun, healthy, and: it's free! We highly recommend it for your family's trip with children. Here's more about hiking the hills of Switzerland with young children...

Walking vs taking the metro in Europe with kids
Our Big Family Finally Returning to Our Rented Home
in Athens, Greece, after a Long, Hot Walk

The main thing I did wrong when traveling in Europe with my big family was using our feet as transportation when we should have really been in a vehicle (a big one, arranged in advance). In this post we'll explain why the "walk everywhere" plan is not always a great idea when traveling with a big family...
What do I need to bring on a family vacation?
Packing Lightly with a Big Family:
Our boys in Spain, shown with all the luggage
our family of 6 used for 3 weeks in Europe
Ah, the least fun part of traveling: figuring out what to pack! Our big family with 4 young children has made a lot of trips over the years, and we've refined and shortened our packing list until we now bring only the essentials. Here are our Top 10 Tips on What to Pack:

Traveling with a big family by rail in Switzerland
Train station with a view, in Montreux, Switzerland
Using the website of the national railway company of Switzerland is definitely the cheapest and best way to get your train tickets for journeys in Switzerland, but, it's not as easy as it one might hope. Here are our 9 Tips to help you get the right train tickets, for the best possible price, for your family's journey through lovely Switzerland...