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Relaxing near the beach in Thailand with a large family
Relaxing in Krabi, Thailand
When traveling with a big family, one of our hard-learned travel rules is what we call the “Do Nothing Day” Rule.  Here’s why you may want to use that rule when you travel with your family…
Traveling lightly with one bag per person, with a big family
Half of the luggage for a family
of 6 is featured in this picture
Here are our 8 reasons you should only bring one small (carry-on sized) backpack per person when traveling as a big family, plus our tips for helping you make it work...

Arriving to Hong Kong after dark on the airport shuttle bus
Our exhausted son arriving to Hong Kong
late at night after a full day of travel
You research and plan for weeks, but you can't plan for everything. What do you do when something doesn't work out, and you get stranded somewhere? What if something someone promised just doesn't happen? What if you were given bad information? What do you do? There we were, standing on the sidewalk with our big family and all our luggage, late at night, on our first night in Hong Kong, locked out of the apartment...

Should I brush my teeth on an airplane?
The Airplane Fanny Pack Effect

Should you use a fanny pack when traveling? I mean, should anyone, really? Personally I despise them. But, after my wife and daughter persuaded me, I have to admit that they do come in handy, at least for one thing...

Large family traveling to Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Our Big Family at Angkor Wat in Cambodia
So you're planning to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World with your big family? It'll be a challenge - particularly the heat - but you can do it! Here are our 10 tips for seeing Cambodia's awesome Angkor Wat temple complex with your big family...