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Seeing the Kung Fu show in Kowloon Park with a big family in Hong Kong
Free Kung Fu Show in Kowloon Park, Hong Kong
One of the most memorable places we’ve ever visited with our big family is Hong Kong. We thoroughly enjoyed almost every moment of our time here. Here are our tips for seeing Hong Kong with a big family…

Visiting Areopagus with children
Athens: "Take a picture of those pigeons!"
Areopagus rock near the Acropolis

As the one in our big family who is usually holding the camera, I used to be mildly annoyed when one of my kids would urge, "Hey Dad, take a picture of that!" numerous times per day while we were traveling. But then I figured out:  honoring these requests pleases the children greatly, and costs me nothing since digital cameras don't need film. And, I've been surprised to find that the shots often turn out to be some of my favorites. In this post we present a pictorial tour of Europe, as seen from the photos that our children suggested needed to be made...

Our children testing the icy waters at one of Florida's cool natural springs state parks
Our Big Family Swimming at Ponce de Leon Springs State Park

We have now swam in the coldest water we've known. It's a frigid 68 °F (20 °C), which might be a little more bearable in summer - but we were there in October! This post tells about our experiences with swimming at one of Florida's beautiful, chilly, natural springs...

Walking to the End der Welt Restaurant in Switzerland with a big family with small chlidren
Finding The End of Civilization on Foot
I'd always wanted to know what exactly is at the End of the World. Does the ocean just fall off into space? Is there a vast, black void that swallows lost explorers? Turns out to be different than I thought it would be. In this post, we'll tell about our big family's trip to the End of the World...